1. The return of the rental car must be delivered at the appointed time and must be delivered in the same condition as at the pick-up. When extending the contract, the department must be contacted. If delivery time is exceeded, the renter is liable for loss due to the time exceeded. The car is always the responsibility of the renter, even if the car is delivered outside normal business hours. Failure to deliver a vehicle at an agreed time falls under Penal Code §293.

  2. When picking up the car, the renter should immediately inform the renter of any damages or defects that are not apparent in the damage record to avoid unnecessary deduction of excess at the vehicle return.

  3. Cars and vehicles must not be used:
    • For either direct or indirect transport of goods or persons for a fee
    • If it is found that the vehicle is used for delivery purposes, Oscar has the right to withhold the entire deposit.
    • To tow other vehicles unless agreed with the renter
    • For driving courses, motorsport events, motorways, or similar
    • For purposes that involve mechanical wear, or the need for extra cleaning after using the car
    • For off-road or space use
    • By people who are affected or impaired by drugs and/or alcohol
    • By persons not listed on the lease
    • For driving on recycling sites, unless otherwise agreed with the renter
  4. It will always be the renter's responsibility to compensate for the full cost of damage for irresponsible driving, cf. 3. Furthermore, this also applies if the Traffic Act is not complied with and with missing oil/water or by vandalism and abuse of the vehicle.

  5. The renter accepts a personal responsibility to pay for:
    • The agreed rates, taxes, insurance premiums, and taxes by law
    • A fee for possible pickup and delivery of vehicle or renter
    • All court costs and fines related to parking or offenses during the term of the contract
    • Attorneys' fees where the law permits, accrued collection fees, etc., that are imposed on the renter
    • The tenant is obligated to behave as a good tenant. Cost of any damage through neglicence will be payed by the tenant.
    • Cost of any damage to the vehicle
  6. Upon signature, the lessee relieves the renter of any liability on items that the renter or others may have stored, left behind, or transported in the vehicle.

  7. The renter has taken all precautions to avoid mechanical failure of the vehicle. However, should an error occur, the renter is not responsible nor liable for any consequences thereof.
  8. The renter is aware that the car may be equipped with GPS tracking, allowing tracking of the car's position. Information obtained via GPS can be used by the renter and is sometimes provided to third parties, including insurance companies and law enforcement groups.

  9. When purchasing extra kilometers, the renter is not entitled to compensation for unused kilometers. This also applies to miles included in the rent.

  10. Fuel is not included in the rental price.

  11. Care rental is by law excepted for the rule of right of withdrawal.


    Our insurance covers the renter or any co-renters, as specified in the lease.

    In the event of any damage, the renter must immediately notify the renter. The renter's review must include as complete information as possible about the extent of the damage. The renter may not agree on payment, compensation, or performance of repairs without consent from the renter.

    1. Rental customers has an excess of up to EUR 1,000 per damage, unless it is clear from the lease that additional excess insurance has been purchased and taken out.

    2. The insurance covers the insured's liability when using the rental car as a vehicle with the sums stipulated in the Road Traffic Act.

    3. Except for the following cases, the insurance covers any damage to the insured vehicle and loss of the vehicle in the event of theft. In addition to the vehicle itself, the coverage also includes attached accessories installed by the vehicle owner.

    4. The insurance does not cover:
      • Responsibility for transported goods
      • Driving outside of Europe
      • Damage to driver or passengers
      • Fejltankning af køretøjet, samt evt. følgeskader opstået heraf
      • Damage caused by earthquakes or other natural disasters, war, riots, civil unrest, or nuclear energy release.
      • Damage incurred when the vehicle is used in contravention of the Ministry of Justice's provisions on rentals without a driver.
      • Damage arising from situations where the renter has driven the rental vehicle in violation of the provisions of the lease
      • Damage to telephone systems, both fixed and portable, as well as any equipment for this
      • Damage caused only to the mechanical parts of the vehicle. (However, such damage is covered by the comprensive insurance if it has been surpassed by the vehicle by fire, explosion, short circuit, lightning strike, theft, or vandalism.)
      • Damage caused by intentional or gross negligence, cf. section 18 of the Insurance Contract Act
      • Damage that may have occurred while the vehicle was being driven by a person who did not have a valid driver's license or is not listed on the lease as a renter or co-renter
      • Damage that occurred because the driver of the car was affected by alcohol, drugs, or similar, cf. section 20 of the Insurance Contract Act
      • Damage caused by the vehicle being driven in violation of the terms of the lease. If the renter had to pay the damage that is not covered by the insurance, the rental company has recourse for all expenses incurred.


    1. To hire a car at Oscar, the driver must bring the following:
      • A valid driver's license
      • Health insurance certificate
      • Credit/debit card
    2. Payment:
      If you book the car more than 48 hours before the pick-up time, your choice of either 100% or 25% + cancellation security will be paid – based on the rental price at the time of booking and the remaining amount at the pickup. If you book within 48 hours before the pick-up time, the full amount will be paid at the time of booking.
      • According to current legislation, the renter can include post-chargeable fees or change the transaction amount after signing the lease.
      • Amount of fuel, extra kilometers, excess for damages, car rental, parking/traffic charges, and other amounts relating to the rent can be charged by the renter.

    3. Can I cancel my booking?
      If canceled within 48 hours before pickup, Oscar is entitled to charge the full amount of the rental. If cancellation is made more than 48 hours prior to pick-up, you will only have to pay 25% of the rental price. If you need to cancel or inquire about it, please contact us on tel. +31 85 208 8464.

    4. Charge of Deposit:                                                                                                                                                                    When picking up your rental car, you will be charged a deposit. The deposit amount stated is subject to change in particular cases. Please note! You can only pay the deposit through our online payment system, this can be done with IDEAL or credit card. 

    5. Oscar reserves the right to keep the deposit for 8 weeks for future payments in case of constant high speed violations.

    6. Types of Rentals to Choose From at Oscar
      • Normal day rent
      • Long term rental (Car subscription)

    7. Long-term rentals can be made for bookings of 28 days or more from the start of the booking. After that, any free rental days are waived.

    8. Accessories such as car seats, child pads, and seat cushions can be rented for a fee. Correct and proper fitting and usage of these items are not the responsibility of the renter.

    9. The rental car must be picked up at the agreed time. Oscar reserves the right to charge the full amount if the vehicle is not picked up on time.

    10. The rental car must be returned at the agreed time. After 4 hours without delivery, the car will be reported stolen, and a fee will be charged.

    11. Oscar is not responsible for luggage or persons transported in a rented car. Oscar assumes responsibility for all types of indirect loss.

    12. It is forbidden to transport dangerous goods in leased cars for safety reasons.

    13. Oscar bears no responsibility for the car rental location's delays or non-delivery, and therefore no compensation is given for this.

    14. Payment terms after additional costs incurred: If it appears that additional costs have incurred after returning the car, these must be paid within 4 working days. If the extra costs incurred are not paid within 4 working days, we have the right to engage a collection agency. Extra costs in the broadest sense of the word.
    15. Avoid Fees Associated With Your Car Rental:
      • Return the car in the same condition as at pick-up.
      • Return the car on time.
      • Pay traffic and parking fees and all costs incurred as the lessee.
      • No smoking or animals allowed in rented cars
      • List of fees regarding your rental:
        FEE PRICE
        Delayed return of the car

        40 € + extra days rental

        Pick-up of the car at delayed return

        175 €+ 1,50 €  pr. km.

        Missing fuel

        30  €+ fuel
        Interieur cleaning 25 €
        Interieur cleaning exteme 75 €
        Car wash 25 €
        Smoking/animals in the car 200 €
        Non-paid parking tickets and fines 19 € + fine
        Not buying foreign insurance use  200 € + additional costs for foreign insurance
        Let an unregistered driver drive 250 € + extra driver at 5 € per day
        Delivery behavior detected Withdrawal complete deposit amount


        1. Multiple promotional codes cannot be combined or used at the same time.

        2. When using a rental car for international travel, foreign insurance must be added. When driving abroad without foreign insurance, Oscar has the right to charge a fee of EUR 200 and add on the cost of the foreign insurance. In addition, customers have an excess for any damage of up to EUR 1,000.

        3. If a dispute or claim arises in relation to the lease agreement, it must be decided in accordance with Dutch law.

        4. All conditions are constantly updated.

        5. Oscar is happy to receive praise and criticism by e-mail: [email protected].

        6. The trailer may only be operated by the lessee or co-renters, as specified in the lease.

        7. When renting, the renter is not responsible for damage to persons or goods arising from the use of the rented property.

        8. The renter is not financially responsible for any time loss or other loss that the renter may incur as a result of a malfunction of the rented property.

        9. The renter is not responsible for any operating loss, loss of profit, or indirect loss in any other way.

        10. The trailer may not be sublet or used for the carriage of persons, rather only for the lessee’s own use.

        11. The trailer must be returned to the renter's place at the agreed time stated in the lease and in the same condition as upon delivery.

        12. The renter is entitled to withhold the deposit paid if the renter has damaged the trailer until a statement of repair costs is available - and then offset these costs therein.
        13. Upon receipt of the trailer, the bearer must check that it is in order, especially in regard to brakes, signaling devices, and lamps, and being able to document any faults and defects.

        14. It is the bearer's responsibility to ensure the towbar of the vehicle. This is not an occurrence that is automatically covered by the car's liability insurance.

        15. When traveling abroad, a separate supplement is required. Inquire with your renter about international travel and the costs thereof.

        16. Rental customers may have an excess of up to EUR 1,000 for any damage unless it is clear from the lease that additional insurance is purchased with a lower excess.

        The renter's responsibility is to have a valid driver's license that entitles them to tow the leased trailer. It is the responsibility of additional renters that the total weight of the car and trailer is adhered to.


        Special terms, applicable to the use of the Oscar app.

        1. The Oscar app can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. The app is called Oscar Car Rental - it is 100% free to use and will remain so.

        2. By downloading the app, you instantly get premium customer service, a detailed booking history, flexible terms, and 10% off daily rental rates.

        3. The discount from your membership can be combined promotional codes. However, the discount cannot be combined with a car subscription.

        4. Loyalty points are granted on an ongoing weekly basis +1 week after your booking is completed. You will be rewarded with loyalty points x10 corresponding to the total amount of your booking, i.e. 100 EUR. = 1000 points.

        5. Extra kilometers that you buy in advance, but don't use are converted to the value for which they were bought. On your next booking, you can buy extra kilometers with that credit. The value is added to your account 24 hours after the end of your booking.

          For example, if you have purchased 100 extra kilometers at 0.20 EUR per kilometer, but only use 60 additional kilometers on your booking, the value of the unused extra kilometers (40 x 0.20 EUR) will be converted and you will receive a credit of 8 EUR on your account, which you can use to purchase extra kilometers on a future booking.

        6. For every friend you invite, you and your friend are each awarded 500 free points as soon as they complete a booking via Oscar's App. You can receive up to 5000 extra points per calendar year by inviting friends.

        7. When you upload your driver's license and selfie photos, we'll award 300 points to your account.

        8. You can always check your balance of earned and pending points in the history section of your profile.

        9. Points are reset every calendar year, on 1st January. You keep the membership level you have earned for the current year and the following calendar year, during which you can continue to enjoy all benefits.

        10. When applying for approval for keyless bookings via Oscar's app, the customer must confirm their identity by uploading photos of their driver’s license and a selfie. Driver’s license and selfie photos will be approved or rejected by Oscar Car Rental and retained for 365 days after the photos are uploaded, after which they will be deleted.

        11. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the condition of the rental car is well documented through high-quality, brightly lit, and detailed photographs. If the customer is not able to upload pictures during the booking, or these are not uploaded in high quality, with sufficient brightness and with a good level of detail - reference is made to the condition described in the contract by the car rental company, when the customer first picked up the car. The customer is, in principle, responsible for any damage, not described in the contract prior to the booking.


        An Oscar long-term rental or car subscription is a subscription solution where you, as a customer, can rent a car on a monthly basis. Below, you can read about the terms of a long-term rental, including payment, liability, binding, and termination. The first payment for a long-term rental must fall on the date of the subscription, after which payments will be made monthly.

        1. Setting Up a Long-term Rental
          When creating a long-term rental, the customer must approve our subscription terms and business conditions. A car subscription is most easily created by using our online booking form, where the customer can find their desired car, see the car price, review included km, and opt for extra insurance, extra km, and accessories if desired. The customer will then be sent for payment, after which the subscription will be created, and a confirmation will be sent by email.

        2. Conditions when setting up a long-term rental
          When the customer approves our subscription terms and conditions, the customer approves that OSCAR may deduct the monthly price for the long-term rental on the entered credit card for the duration of the lease. An invoice is sent upon creation and termination of the long-term rental. Customer service can be contacted at any time if the customer wishes to change the credit card on file.

        3. Responsibility and Liability
          When setting up a long-term rental, the customer undertakes responsibility to return the car on the date the long-term rental is terminated and return it in the same condition as when the car was delivered, unless otherwise agreed. In addition, the customer guarantees coverage on the credit card entered so payment is made on time.

        4. Termination and Fixation
          The customer determines the length of the subscription period when ordering, specifying an exact date for the end of the long-term rental. The long-term rental is automatically terminated after the end of this period. If the subscription is extended, the customer must contact Oscar customer service before the subscription period ends - after which, this can be agreed. If the subscription is canceled before the agreed time, this can be done with 30 days’ notice.

        If you have any questions or changes to your long-term rental, please contact our customer service at +31 85 208 8464


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