Rental conditions

  1. The vehicle must be returned at the agreed time. The vehicle must also be returned in the same condition as at the time of collection. If the contract is extended, the lessor of the car must be contacted beforehand. If the return time has been exceeded, the lessee will be liable for the damage as a result of the transgression of the time. The vehicle will always be under the lessee's responsibility, also if the vehicle is returned outside opening hours. Failure to return a vehicle at the agreed time is an offence.

  2. When the vehicle is collected, the lessee must immediately report any hidden damage or defects that are not visible in the damage registration to the lessor of the vehicle immediately. This is important to prevent possible withholding of the deductible when the vehicle is returned.

  3. Hidden damage is understood to be any damage that is not visible during the inspection of a returned vehicle. This applies to damage to inaccessible parts such as the engine, the fuel and the clutch and to damage that is not visible in the dark or in bad weather. If the lessor of the vehicle should discover such hidden damage as yet, Oscar or the lessor of the vehicle will pass the proof of this to the lessee afterwards and the compensation for it may be charged to the lessee afterwards.

  4. Vehicles may not be used:

    • For direct or indirect transport of goods or persons for payment. If it is found that the vehicle is used for delivery services the whole deposit will be withheld;
    • for towing other vehicles unless agreed with the lessor of the vehicle;
    • for driving lessons, motor sports events or similar activities;
    • for purposes that cause mechanical wear and tear or the necessity of extra cleaning after use of the vehicle;
    • for off-road use;
    • by persons under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol;
    • by persons who are not mentioned in the rental agreement;
    • for driving on recycling sites unless something else has been agreed with the lessor of the vehicle.
  5. It will always be the lessee's responsibility to compensate for the full damage in the event of irresponsible driving behavior. This also applies to failure to observe the traffic law and to the absence of oil/water or in the event of vandalism and abuse or incorrect use of the vehicle.
    If the damage occurred during use of the vehicle by a non-registered driver, the main driver is liable for all costs related to the damage caused.

  6. The lessee accepts personal responsibility to pay for:

    • the agreed rates, taxes, insurance premiums and taxes according to applicable legislation;
    • a compensation for possible collection and return of the vehicle or the lessee; all costs and fines in connection with parking or transgressions during the term of the contract;

    • in so far as the law permits this, all costs that Oscar and/or the lessor of the vehicle must make to collect the amounts payable by the lessee;
    • costs of any damage to the vehicle.
  7. By entering into the rental agreement the lessee releases the lessor of the vehicle from all liability for objects that the lessee or others have stored, left or carried in the vehicle.

  8. The lessor of the vehicle has taken all precautions to prevent mechanical defects to the vehicle. Should an error occur nevertheless, the lessor of the vehicle is not responsible or liable for the consequences of that.

  9. Our vehicles can be equipped with trackers, it is possible to see locations and the tracker's algorithm can reveal to us when there are suspicious situations such as: night driving, delivery behavior, speeding and when exiting pre-announced geo-fences. We are in close contact with the police and will share this information if requested or deemed necessary. In the event of outstanding payments or non-compliance with the terms of use, Oscar has the right to activate immobilizer on the vehicle, end the contract with the customer early and recover the vehicle. 

  10. In the event of purchase of extra kilometers the lessee will not be entitled to compensation for unused kilometres. This also applies to kilometres that are included in the rent.

  11. Fuel is not included in the rent.

  12. The statutory right of revocation does not apply to the renting of vehicles.

Insurance conditions

  1. Lessees have a deductible between € 350.00 and €1,000.00 for any damage, unless it appears from the rental agreement that an additional deductible insurance has been bought and concluded. (the exact amount is mentioned in the contract )

  2. Overhead damage is damage caused by a collision with the part of the vehicle that is more than 1.90 metres above the ground or by a collision with objects attached to the vehicle that are at a height of more than 1.90 metres above the ground. This damage is subject to a deductible of €1,500 (private persons) and €5,000 (commercial customers). This deductible cannot be bought off or reduced.

  3. Any co-lessees are also insured provided that they are mentioned in the rental agreement as co-lessees.

  4. In the event of damage the lessee must immediately inform the lessor of the vehicle. The claim form of the lessee must contain the fullest information possible about the extent of the damage. The lessee may not make arrangements about payment, compensation or performance of repairs without the permission of the lessor of the vehicle.

  5. The insurance covers the insured's liability in the event of use of the vehicle in conformity with the provisions in the Motor Insurance Liability Act.

  6. Except for the cases as mentioned below under 7 the insurance covers any damage to the insured vehicle and loss of the vehicle the event of theft. Apart from the vehicle itself the cover also comprises accessories installed by the owner of the vehicle.

  7. The insurance does not cover:

    • liability for goods carried;
    • driving outside Europe;
    • damage to the driver or passengers;
    • damage caused by earthquakes or other natural disasters, war, riots, civil unrest or the release of nuclear energy;
    • damage that is caused when the vehicle is used contrary to the provisions of the Ministry of Justice in respect of leasing without a driver;
    • damage that follows from situations in which the lessee drove the vehicle contrary to the provisions of the rental agreement;
    • damage to telephones, both fixed and mobile and also to all equipment for them;
    • damage that has been caused exclusively to the mechanical parts of the vehicle (such damage is covered, however, by the additional insurance if the vehicle is affected by fire, explosion, short-circuiting, lightning strike, theft or vandalism);
    • damage caused by wilfulness or gross negligence;
    • damage that may have arisen while the vehicle was driven by a person who did not possess a valid driving licence or who is not mentioned as a lessee or co-lessee in the rental agreement;
    • damage that has arisen because the driver of the vehicle was under the influence of alcohol, drugs or the like;
    • damage that has been caused because the vehicle was driven contrary to the provisions of the rental agreement; if the lessor of the vehicle has had to pay for damage that is not covered by the insurance, the lessor of the vehicle will have recourse against the lessee for all costs made.

Commercial conditions

  1. In order to be able to enter into a rental agreement via Oscar the driver must show the following documents:

    • A valid driving license for the driver(s) mentioned in the rental agreement;
    • passport or ID card;
    • payment card for the payment of the rent.
  2. Payment:
    The whole rent must have been paid before the vehicle is collected. Amounts in connection with fuel, extra kilometres, deductible for damage, vehicle rent, parking/traffic costs and other amounts in connection with the rent may be charged by the lessor of the vehicle afterwards.

  3. In the event of cancellation within 48 hours before collection of the vehicle, the lessee will owe the full rent. If cancellation occurs more than 48 hours before the time of collection of the vehicle, 25% of the rent will be payable. Information about the possibilities of cancellation can be obtained via telephone number +31 85 20 88 464.

  4. At the latest at the time of collection of the vehicle a deposit must be paid. The deposit can only be paid via Oscar's payment system.

  5. Payments can only be made via the Oscar payment system, in which use can be made of IDEAL or a credit card . Oscar is appointed by the car rental company as a commercial agent for within the meaning of the Payment Service Directive 2 and the Dutch Financial Supervision Act.

  6. Accessories such as vehicle seats, child seats and seat cushions may be hired for payment. The lessor of the vehicle is not responsible for the correct assembly and the proper use of these articles.

  7. The vehicle must be collected at the agreed time. Any later collection will not lead to reduction of the rent.

  8. The vehicle must be returned at the agreed time. After 4 hours without delivery the vehicle will be reported as stolen and costs will be charged.

  9. Oscar is not responsible for luggage or persons carried in the vehicle.

  10. For safety reasons it is forbidden to carry hazardous goods in the vehicle.

  11. Oscar bears no responsibility for delays or non-delivery by the lessor of the vehicle. No compensation will be given for this.

  12. Conditions of payment after extra costs made: if it appears that after return of the vehicle extra costs are payable by the lessee, they must be paid within 4 working days. If the extra costs made have not been paid within 4 working days, collection measures will be taken.

  13. Costs in connection with vehicle rent may be avoided by:

    • returning the vehicle in the same condition as it was in at the time of collection;
    • returning the vehicle in time;
    • paying traffic and parking costs and all costs made by the lessee immediately;
    • not smoking in the vehicle and not carrying animals in it.
  14. The following events lead to charging the amount in extra costs stated behind them:

    Late return of the vehicle The whole deposit
    Collection of the vehicle in the event of late return €175  + €1.50  per kilometre
    Lacking fuel €30 + fuel costs
    Interior cleaning: slight contamination €25
    Interior cleaning: extreme contamination €75
    Car wash €25
    Animals in the vehicle €200
    Smoking in the vehicle €200
    Unpaid parking tickets and fines €19 + tax/fine
    Not reporting use abroad €200 + foreign use insurance
    Allowing an unregistered driver to drive €250 + extra driver at € 5  a day
    Removal of stickers €100.00 per sticker
  15. In the event of use of the vehicle for international trips, a foreign insurance must be added. In the event of driving abroad without foreign insurance, Oscar is entitled to charge a compensation of €200 and to add the costs of the foreign insurance.

  16. If a dispute or claim arises in connection with the rental agreement, this must be decided in accordance with Dutch law.

  17. All conditions will be updated continuously.

  18. Oscar will be pleased to receive feedback by e-mail: [email protected]

Conditions for trailer

  1. The trailer may only be used by the lessee or co-lessees, as mentioned in the rental agreement.

  2. In the event of hiring a trailer the lessor of the vehicle will not be liable for damage to persons or goods that follows from the use of the trailer.

  3. The lessor of the vehicle is not financially liable for any loss of time or other loss that the lessee could suffer as a result of a defect to/in the property hired.

  4. The lessor of the vehicle is not liable for trading loss, loss of profit or other indirect damage.

  5. The trailer may not be sublet or be used for the transport of persons but only for the lessee's own use.

  6. The trailer must be returned to the lessor of the vehicle at the agreed time, stated in the rental agreement, in the same condition as at the time of delivery.

  7. The lessor of the vehicle is entitled to withhold the deposit paid, if the lessee has damaged the trailer, until an overview of the repair costs is available and to set off these costs therein subsequently.

  8. At the time of receipt of the trailer the lessee must check whether it is in order, especially with regard to the brakes, the signalling systems and the lamps and be able to document any shortcomings and defects.

  9. It is the lessee's responsibility to insure the towing hook of the vehicle. This is not an event that is covered as part of the vehicle by the liability insurance of the vehicle.

  10. For trips abroad an additional insurance is required. Ask your lessor of the vehicle for information about international trips and their costs.

  11. Lessees have a deductible between €350.00 en €1,000.00 for any damage, unless it appears from the rental agreement that an additional deductible insurance has been bought and concluded. The exact amount of deductible is stated in the rental agreement.

  12. The lessee is responsible for the possession of a valid driving licence that gives him the right to tow the hired trailer. It is the lessee's responsibility that the total weight of the vehicle and trailer is maintained.

Conditions for long-term lease (car subscription)

  1. Long-term lease with Oscar is called car subscription, in which connection a vehicle may be hired on a monthly basis.

  2. A car subscription can be entered into via Oscar's online booking form. The first payment for a car subscription is on the date on which the subscription starts. Subsequently it is settled on a monthly basis. Oscar is appointed by the car rental company as a commercial agent for within the meaning of the Payment Service Directive 2 and the Dutch Financial Supervision Act.

  3. The subscription period is determined at the start. After the end of the subscription period the rental agreement ends. In the event of extension a new subscription period is concluded in the same way as in which the car subscription is entered into.

  4. All above-mentioned conditions apply accordingly to the car subscription.

If you have questions or want to make changes in your long-term lease please contact our customer service at +31 85 20 88 464.

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