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Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn Amsterdamseweg 5-9 / Volkswagen gebouw
1422 AC Uithoorn

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Rent a car in Uithoorn

Welcome to beautiful Uithoorn, a charming city in the province of North Holland. Quiet streets and warm-hearted locals make your stay absolutely pleasant here. And to add more convenience, Oscar Car Rental has recently opened a brand-new location in Uithoorn. We are ready to elevate your travel experience with our dependable and affordable car rental services. Whether you need a vehicle for a business trip or an exciting adventure, we've got the perfect car for you.

Local and Personal — Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn

Oscar Car Rental collaborates with local, independent car dealerships, such as Maas Autogroep in Uithoorn. This business model provides several advantages for you. Our local partners have a deep knowledge of the city, which allows them to perfectly cater to your needs. Also, their personalized service ensures that you always feel welcome and valued. Caring about their reputation in the community, our local dealers do everything to keep you satisfied.

Vehicles for Every Occasion at Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn

We offer a wide range of vehicles at Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn. Whether you're looking for a compact city car for short trips, a roomy family car for long journeys, or a luxury sedan to impress, you'll find it in our fleet of 10+ vehicles.

Rent a Van at Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn

Need a van? No problem, we have various sizes of vans available. Whether you need to transport something large or simply enjoy having plenty of space around you, you'll find the van you need at Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn.

Minibus Rental at Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn

For larger groups, we also have spacious minibuses available. Traveling to an event with a bunch of friends or need transportation for a school trip? Then hiring a minibus from Oscar Car Rental is an ideal solution.

Move with Ease with Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn

Moving houses? Make your life a lot easier with one of our moving vans. With these, you can easily transport all your belongings in one go, without worrying about availability or timing.

Experience the Convenience of Car Rental in Uithoorn

With our new location in Uithoorn, we make car rental even more accessible for you. Whether you need a car for a day, a week, or longer, Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn makes it easy for you. Hop in and experience it for yourself!

Flexible Car Subscriptions at Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn

Did you know that at Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn, you can opt for a flexible car subscription? This unique offer gives you much more than just a car. Think about a car subscription where insurance, maintenance, and taxes are all included, all without any initial payment!

Drive Flexibly and Worry-Free

What makes the car subscription from Oscar Car Rental exceptional is its flexibility. You're not tied to a long-term commitment. If your situation changes, you can simply cancel your subscription on a monthly basis. This lets you always drive worry-free and according to your current needs.

Simple and Affordable

A car subscription at Oscar Car Rental Uithoorn is not just flexible, it's also simple and affordable. All the essentials like insurance, service, and taxes are already included in the price. That means no unexpected costs, just clarity and convenience. At Oscar Car Rental, we make driving much simpler.

Discover our Car Subscriptions in Uithoorn

Curious about our flexible car subscriptions in Uithoorn? Feel free to drop by our new location in Uithoorn. We'd be glad to tell you more about the options and help you make the best choice. Step into the world of Oscar Car Rental and discover how easy car rental can be!

Business Car Rental in Uithoorn

Are you a business owner in Uithoorn and need a car for professional purposes? Not a problem! At Oscar Car Rental, we've got an amazing selection of all types of vehicles. Whether you're after a compact car for city trips or a spacious SUV for business travels, you'll find exactly what you need with us. Understanding that business customers have diverse and specific needs, we strive to meet individual needs with our wide range of cars. So, the next time you think of 'business car rental in Uithoorn', think of Oscar Car Rental. We're here to make your journey seamless and stylish.

Cancellation policy at Oscar Car Rental

If you've arranged to rent a car with Oscar Car Rental for your convenience, and your plans change, we’d like to inform you about our cancellation policy. At Oscar Car Rental, we understand that things sometimes don't go as planned and so we have a fairly flexible approach to cancellations.

The question "May I cancel my order?" often comes up, and we are glad to answer it. If you decide to cancel within 48 hours before the car needs to be picked up, Oscar Car Rental has the right to charge the full amount of the reservation. If the cancellation happens before this 48-hour period to pick up the car has expired, you only pay 25% of the entire reservation.

Transferring reservations to another rental department must be done no later than 48 hours before the pickup time. If you wish to cancel or have questions about this, you can always contact our customer service at tel. +31 85 048 1960.

The information above is intended to inform you of Oscar Car Rental’s cancellation policy, in the hope of satisfying your search for "cancellation policy" information. Please note that the cancellation terms may vary, so feel free to contact us with any doubts.

Discover Uithoorn and its surroundings with Oscar Car Rental

Would you like to explore the beauty of Uithoorn and its surroundings? Oscar Car Rental offers access to a range of quality cars, making it easy to drive past some of the most picturesque and fascinating places. Here are a few highlights you won't want to miss:

Fort aan de Drecht

Part of the Stelling van Amsterdam UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historic fort is just a short drive from Uithoorn. Take a step back in time and explore the fascinating history of this unique defensive work.

Botanical Garden in Uithoorn

A paradise for plant lovers, this garden is a beautiful haven and learning experience rolled into one. You can find a broad range of plants and flowers, along with getting to know about their different properties and uses.


An ideal destination for nature lovers. Drive through the beautiful landscape filled with green meadows, picturesque farms, and grazing cows.

De Oude Veiling

This cultural center is a must-see in Aalsmeer, just a short ride from Uithoorn. It houses various restaurants and shops and frequently hosts various events.

De Schans

In Nieuwkoop, a nearby town, you'll find this historic fort, a remnant of the Hollandse Waterlinie. It's a beautiful place to visit and learn about the Netherlands' military past.

Amsterdamse Bos

Drive to this sprawling urban park in Amsterdam, where you can enjoy walking and biking trails, playgrounds, picnic spots, and more.

With Oscar Car Rental, traveling becomes easy. Reserve your car today and start exploring these wonderful highlights!

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Uithoorn

We have collected the most frequently asked questions from our customers in Uithoorn:

What does it cost to rent a car in Uithoorn?

You can rent a car from €0 per day in Uithoorn. Insurance and 100 kilometers per day are included in the price.

Is a special driver's license required to rent a van or moving van?

No, all available vans or moving vans in Uithoorn can be rented with a regular driver's license.