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Rent a Car in Westerbork

Westerbork is a small village in the northeastern part of the Netherlands, located near the German border. It was once an important transit camp for Jewish refugees during World War II, and today serves as a memorial to those who passed through it. The camp has become a major tourist attraction due to its incredible history and significance in Dutch society. Visitors come from all over the world to learn more about this time period, the people who lived there, and the impact that Westerbork had on its local community and beyond. There are many museums dedicated to telling the stories of those who were interned or deported from Westerbork, as well as guided tours of its grounds so that visitors can gain an understanding of what life was like at one of the most infamous transit camps of WWII.

Westerbork is a place of deep sorrow, but also one of hope and remembrance. Visitors to this historic site will be moved by its significance in Dutch history and can take part in honoring those who suffered here. By visiting Westerbork, one can learn the importance of acknowledging our history and strive to ensure that atrocities such as those carried out during WWII never happen again. With its memorials, museums, and guided tours, Westerbork is a place of remembrance that all should visit.

Car rental in Westerbork

Looking for a car rental in Westerbork? You've come to the right place! At Oscar Car Rental, we offer a wide selection of vehicles for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for a small or big car, a van or even a trailer, we have exactly what you are looking for. We always offer competitive rates, so you can be sure you're getting the best deal possible. Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help make your car rental experience as easy and convenient as possible. So rent a car in Westerbork and you will be on the road in no time!

Rent a van in Westerbork

Not sure how long you need the van? No problem! We offer flexible rental terms. If you need the van for longer than expected, you can extend the rental period (subject to availability). We make it easy and enjoyable for you! Call us or send us an e-mail and we will arrange everything for you.

Rent a moving truck in Westerbork

If you're moving house or office and need a moving truck, Oscar Car Rental in Westerbork has a few options for rental. Moving trucks come in handy if you have a lot of large items to move, and can save you multiple trips in a smaller vehicle.

Rent a minibus in Westerbork

If you are traveling in a group or going on a family trip in or around Westerbork, you are probably looking to rent a minibus. Oscar Car Rental in Westerbork offers minibuses with 9 seats for just €99 per day. If you have any questions about renting a minibus in Westerbork, our customer service is always ready to help over the phone or via email.

Top attractions in Westerbork

Westerbork in the Netherlands is a great destination for those looking to explore Dutch culture and take in some spectacular sites. Here are the top three attractions that you won’t want to miss while in Westerbork:

  • Camp Westerbork Museum – This museum is dedicated to preserving the memory of the World War II concentration camp that once stood on this site. Inside, visitors can learn about the history of the camp and honor its victims through interactive exhibits, photographs, artifacts, and documents.
  • Westerbork Synthese Radio Telescope – The world’s largest radio telescope is located here in Westerbork and allows astronomers from around the world to observe deep sky objects like galaxies and quasars. Visitors can tour the facility and learn about its history and research activities.
  • Watermolen van Westerbork – This historical windmill was built in 1878 and is one of the few monuments left standing from World War II in Westerbork. The mill stands a magnificent 19 meters tall, making it an impressive sight to behold!

These three attractions make up just a small part of what Westerbork has to offer. Whether you are looking for history, science, or natural beauty, there’s something for everyone here in this fascinating Dutch town!

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Westerbork

We have collected the most frequently asked questions from our customers in Westerbork:

What does it cost to rent a car in Westerbork?

You can rent a car from €34 per day in Westerbork. Insurance and 100 kilometers per day are included in the price.

Is a special driver's license required to rent a van or moving van?

No, all available vans or moving vans in Westerbork can be rented with a regular driver's license.

Do I have to pay extra if I am under 25?

No, we do not charge a fee for young drivers. In some cases, we might set a higher deposit. However, you will get the deposit back at the end of the rental period. There might also be some cars that have a certain age restriction. You can rent a car in Westerbork for the same price, despite being under 25.