Long-term car rental with Oscar

Do you want more freedom to do what you want, when you want? Do you want to avoid fixed departure times and delays in public transport? Or are you looking for an alternative to buying a car?

At Oscar Car Rental, we offer long-term car rental. We call it an Oscar Car Subscription. Long-term car rental is a flexible replacement for private leasing and buying a new car.

We have a wide selection of cars and you can choose which model you want to rent. You can reserve the car here on the website, but if you prefer that we reserve the car for you, we and our branches are of course ready to help you. So hit the road and experience the flexibility of long-term car rental!

How do I book a car with long-term rental?

By using the search bar on our front page and entering a time period of more than 28 days, you will see long-term rental prices on the search results page.

Alternatively, you can contact our customer service by phone, email or chat for help with long-term car rental.

How much does it cost to rent a car long-term?

In the table below, we present the most popular long-term car rental options at Oscar. The prices are indicative and cannot be guaranteed, as they depend on the individual car and the branch that owns the car.

Type of car Kilometers per month Monthly price*
Micro Car 1,500 km
2,000 km
€597 - €777
€692 - €892
Small Car 1,500 km
2,000 km
€927 - €1,077
€1,022 - €1,172
Mid-size Car 1,500 km
2,000 km
€1,077 - €1,407
€1,172 - €1,502
Large Car 1,500 km
2,000 km
€1,227 - €1,527
€1,322 - €1,622

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We cannot guarantee this price. This is an indicative price and depends on the individual car and branch.

Contact us for a non-binding offer

If you are looking for a rental car for periods of 3, 6, or 12 months, you can contact our expert customer service by phone, chat, or email. We will do everything we can to find the right long-term rental car for you.

Customer service

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*Including national holidays.

How does long-term car rental work at Oscar?

When you rent from us, you decide how long you want to rent the car. You rent the car for a fixed amount per month and there is no extra deposit.

You pay for the first month when you reserve, and then you pay in monthly installments - just like your mobile subscription. If you want to extend your rental period, contact Oscar's customer service before the contract automatically expires and we will extend your booking.

Rent a car from €20 per day with long-term car rental

With rental cars from €20 per day, you don't have to worry about your budget. Affordable rental cars are our hallmark, and of course, we also offer affordable vans, minibuses, and moving trucks for longer periods.

With our long-term leasing, 1,500 kilometers are always included in the monthly price. If that's not enough, you can purchase additional kilometers for even less than normal with your long-term rental contract. This way, we cater to all needs.

Our long-term car rental plans

At Oscar, we have a wide range of cars. This includes vans, moving trucks, minibuses, car transporters, trailers, campers, and of course cars.

We also have many different types of cars. Whether you are looking for small city cars, a station wagon, or an SUV, and whether you want a manual or automatic transmission, we have something for everyone.

Once you have found the car of your choice, you can reserve it directly on our website with just a few clicks. Whichever car you choose, all Oscar benefits are always included. When you book through our website, you do not pay the full price once, but only the price for the first month. The amount is then automatically deducted every 30 days.

Advantages of long-term car rental

With long-term car leasing, we free you from all the obligations of traditional private leasing. Unlike leasing, you can also rent out your car with a long-term car rental subscription. At the same time, you can start and end the lease on very short notice. This makes long-term car rental a much more flexible way to rent a car.

Moreover, roadside assistance, road tax, comprehensive and liability insurance are included in the price. In other words, you only have to pay for the fuel yourself. Additionally, the monthly payment is a fixed and transparent amount, unlike the fluctuating and opaque prices of a rental car.

Local rental, always near you

With local branches all over the country, there is always a branch near you. This makes it easy to get to and from the rental location. Is your car broken and do you need a car for a longer period? At Oscar Car Rental, we have many cars in different price ranges, so chances are we can find something that suits your needs.

Whatever happens, we always have a branch ready to help you on your way. Pickup and return must always take place at the same address unless otherwise agreed.

Business long-term car rental

As a company, you can of course rent a car long-term. This way, you don't have to buy new company assets that are only used for a short time. This applies whether it is a van, moving truck, trailer, or something else entirely.

Of course, the rental includes all the services you would expect from a long-term car rental, including: owner tax, full service, insurance, and VAT. As always, VAT is deductible. If this sounds interesting, use the booking form to get a great offer.

Contact us

Phone number: +31 85 048 1960

Email: [email protected]

We always do our best to go the extra mile to meet your specific needs. Before you contact us, it is a good idea to see what other customers are asking about below.

Frequently asked questions about long-term car rental at Oscar

Both returning and new customers may have questions about renting a car. That is why we have compiled this list of "frequently asked questions" for those interested in our long-term car rental subscription. If you are still looking for answers, do not hesitate to contact us

How long can my rental period be?

You can rent your long-term car in contracts of 3, 6, and 12 months. You decide exactly how long you want your long-term car rental contract to be.

What is included in my long-term rental?

We offer a long-term car rental subscription including liability and comprehensive insurance, green tax, roadside assistance, service, and 1,500 km per month. This means that you as a customer are only responsible for the fuel.

Do I have to make a deposit for a long-term car rental?

Deposits vary by branch. Therefore, we cannot promise whether or not there is a deposit on your long-term car; you can see this directly on the car.
Read more about our deposit

Do I have to make a deposit for a long-term car rental?

25% of the rental price for the first month or the full rental price for the first month will be charged, depending on how long you have reserved the car.

How is the rental car picked up?

Once you have booked a car, you will receive an email with the address and further information about the pickup location. You can pick up the car there with valid identification.

Can I take a short-term rental contract if I am under 25?

Yes, it is possible to take out a car subscription if you are under 25 years old. Please note that there is an age limit for some cars and a higher deposit may be required.

Is your question not listed? We are ready every day to answer your questions!

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