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Oscar Car Rental Elsloo Business Park Stein 147
6181 MA Elsloo

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Sunday: Closed

Air conditioning, Isofix, Bluetooth, USB & AUX, All-season tires / Winter tires, Apple CarPlay

Fiat 500

from €31.00 per day
5 Doors
4 Seats
5 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Air conditioning, Isofix, Bluetooth, USB & AUX, All-season tires / Winter tires

Seat Ibiza

from €35.00 per day
Small car
5 Doors
5 Seats
7 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Load capacity
450 kg

Ford Fiesta

from €41.00 per day
Small car
5 Doors
5 Seats
6 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Air conditioning, All-season tires / Winter tires, Isofix, Cruise control, GPS, Parking sensors, Bluetooth, USB & AUX

Opel Astra Sports Tourer

from €44.00 per day
Midsize car
5 Doors
5 Seats
6 l/100km
Without tow bar
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Tow bar max. load
1500 kg

Air conditioning, All-season tires / Winter tires, Isofix, Cruise control, GPS, Heated seats, Parking sensors, Bluetooth

BMW 218

from €56.00 per day
Big Car
5 Doors
7 Seats
7 l/100km
With tow bar
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Rent a car in Elsloo

Welcome to Oscar Car Rental in Elsloo, a picturesque village in the south of the Netherlands, known for its charming streets and historical monuments. Just opened, our new location in Elsloo is ready to set you on your way in the beautiful surroundings of this region. At Oscar Car Rental, we make renting a car in Elsloo easy and hassle-free!

The Unique Oscar Car Rental Approach

Oscar Car Rental operates using a special model, partnering with local, independent car dealers. This model brings numerous benefits. Foremost, these partners possess local knowledge and experience. They perfectly understand which car best suits your needs, whether you want to tour the winding streets of Elsloo or venture into the surrounding nature. Moreover, the personalized service of these local dealers guarantees a worry-free rental experience. They are fully committed to their reputation in the region and will therefore do everything in their power to make you happy.

Collaborating with VAKGARAGE ERNES & PIEREIJ

VAKGARAGE ERNES & PIEREIJ is our proud partner in Elsloo. This reputable local dealer manages our fleet, which is both compact and varied. Whether you need a comfortable family car or a compact city car, at Oscar Car Rental in Elsloo, you'll always find the right car for your needs.

Renting a Minibus in Elsloo

But there's more! We also offer minibuses. So whether you need to travel with a larger group, you can rent a passenger bus in Elsloo. Or perhaps you wish to hire a transporter for a day out with friends or family. The minibus can easily take you to and from any location in and around Elsloo.

Renting a Moving Truck in Elsloo

And for those moving or carrying out a large transport, we also offer moving trucks. With such a moving truck, you make life a lot easier for yourself: you can transport many items at once, saving you a lot of time and effort. Click here to see our moving trucks in Elsloo.

Enjoy the Ride with Oscar Car Rental

Whether you want to rent a car, minibus, or moving truck, Oscar Car Rental in Elsloo offers a broad range of possibilities, all tailored to your specific needs. Enjoy the ride and the fantastic service from our local partner VAKGARAGE ERNES & PIEREIJ!

Oscar Car Rental's Flexible Car Subscription in Elsloo

At Oscar Car Rental, we understand that life is full of surprises and that your need for mobility may change. Hence, we introduce our flexible car subscription in Elsloo. It's an ideal solution for those who need flexibility, convenience, and total freedom.

What is the Car Subscription?

Our car subscription is essentially renting a car, but better. You can drive a car of your choice for a fixed monthly price. This price includes everything: insurance, maintenance, tax, and roadside assistance. You just have to fill up the tank!

No Down Payment and Monthly Cancellation

Moreover, the car subscription requires no down payment. It gives you the flexibility to cancel monthly without paying a penalty. Are you passing through Elsloo and need a temporary car? Or perhaps you want to test out different cars before making a final decision? The Oscar Car Rental subscription is perfectly matched to these flexible needs.

At Oscar Car Rental, we believe in making every ride easy and worry-free; and that's exactly what our car subscription offers. So, what are you waiting for? Discover it for yourself today with Oscar Car Rental in Elsloo!

Easily Accessible Tourist Attractions in and Around Elsloo, Limburg:

Planning to rent a car from Oscar Car Rental and explore Elsloo and its surroundings? Here's a selection of some tourist attractions in and around Elsloo that are easily reachable by a rental car. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Elsloo Castle

Start your adventure with a visit to the beautiful Elsloo Castle, a historical site full of charm and great photo opportunities. With your rental car, parking nearby is a breeze.

Elsloo Local Museum

Drive your rented car to Elsloo Local Museum, where you can discover the rich history and culture of this area.

Maasland Park

Reflect and relax in Maasland Park. It's easily reachable by car and gives you needed peace in the middle of your exploration journey.

Water Sports at Fun Valley Maastricht

Get ready for some adventure and drive to Fun Valley Maastricht. Here, you can engage in a variety of water sports, all just a short drive away from Elsloo.

Visit the city of Maastricht

Take the car and enjoy a trip to the nearby city of Maastricht. Admire the stunning architecture, do some shopping, and enjoy a delicious meal in the many restaurants.

The Brunssummerheide

If you prefer nature over urban environments, drive to the Brunssummerheide. This nature reserve has beautiful walking paths where you can enjoy the local wildlife.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Elsloo and your journey with your Oscar Car Rental vehicle. Have a blast exploring our recommended attractions!

Frequently asked questions about car rental in Elsloo

We have collected the most frequently asked questions from our customers in Elsloo:

What does it cost to rent a car in Elsloo?

You can rent a car from €34 per day in Elsloo. Insurance and 100 kilometers per day are included in the price.

Is a special driver's license required to rent a van or moving van?

No, all available vans or moving vans in Elsloo can be rented with a regular driver's license.