Free moving boxes at Oscar Car Rental

Free moving boxes

It can be costly to acquire new moving boxes. Therefore, we have a special offer for anyone renting a van or moving truck at one of our 120 locations:

Get 3 moving boxes when renting a van
Get 5 moving boxes when renting a moving truck

It is easy to redeem this offer - you can already pick up the moving boxes as soon as you have received the booking confirmation via email.

You are of course also able to pick up the moving boxes on the day that your rental begins. You can find the terms and conditions to get your free moving boxes at the bottom of this page.

Our moving boxes come in one size in heavy-duty quality:

Inside measurements: 559 x 375 x 351 mm
Thickness: 3 mm

How do I get the moving boxes?

To receive the moving boxes you just have to do the following:

  1. Make a search for a van or moving truck from to get a preview of what vehicles are available.
  2. Find the right vehicle for your needs and click "Continue" on the desired vehicle.
  3. At the bottom of the page "Add ons" you will find accessories. Here, you can choose either "5 free moving boxes - only for moving truck bookings" or "3 free moving boxes - only for van bookings".
  4. Please note: You can purchase extra moving boxes from Oscar Car Rental.
  5. Complete your booking. You can now pick up your moving boxes.

Terms and conditions:

  • The offer applies to all bookings created on our website. If you contact our customer service or our locations directly to make a booking, you need to ask for the offer to be redeemed on your booking.
  • The offer is only applicable for van and moving truck bookings.
  • You can pick up the moving boxes as soon as you have received your booking confirmation via email. You decide whether you want to pick the moving boxes up before your booking starts or on the day it starts.
  • The moving boxes must be collected in the location in which you have made the booking. 
  • If you cancel your booking but have already received your moving boxes, you will be charged for the boxes.
  • Do you want to purchase extra moving boxes, we offer them in bundles of 5, 10, or 20 pieces.

3 tips for moving boxes

  1. Even though our moving boxes are heavy-duty, you should always be considerate about the weight in the box. We recommend that you pack each box with both heavy and light items. 
  2. Always pack the heaviest items at the bottom of your boxes.
  3. Reuse your boxes! Save them for the next time you move or pass them on to family and friends.